Author: Leroy Basnight III

Leroy Basnight III is a film critic, music producer and multifaceted visual artist. He is always down to talk movies, tv or comic books!
The Influencers: Jony Ive Feature Image


After nearly two decades as Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive has decided to part ways with the mega brand. Under Ive’s guidance, Apple brought us several iterations of the iMac, iPad, iPhone and Macbook Pro. It is/was his design sense that created products million’s of people cannot put down, even if other brands present […]

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The Influencers Present: Sorry to Bother You

Sorry to Bother You: (Spoiler Free) Review

There are horses involved.  Without context, this means nothing.  After watching the Boots Riley’s “Sorry to Bother You”, the horses will mean everything.  Original ideas are so rare on television and film.  When one emerges; It is so important to support these ideas at the box office.  This way we can have more and more […]

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The Influencers Present: Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle: Equanimity & The Bird Revelation Review

Part 1: Equanimity It feels great when an artist just stops caring.  It is clear that Dave does not have a single concern about his critics, public opinion or the potential reception of his latest standup.  This is also why we get some of his funniest material to date.  Chappelle’s latest release is a twofer, […]

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Black Mirror, Season 4: Ep. 1 “USS Callister” Review

*Spoilers Ahead Black Mirror season 4 is here, encouraging us to take another hard look at ourselves. The new season on Netflix starts out with a bang, as we are transported to the familiar trope of a “Star Trek-esque” crew assembly. Jesse Plemmons of Breaking Bad familiarity is our intrepid captain, joined by, Chewing Gum’s […]

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Sometimes, a piece of art comes along that shifts the paradigm of it’s respective genre. “Catfight”, an independent film by MPI Media Group does just that.  The name and movie poster itself is sheer clickbait (which worked).  Upon first glance of the trailer and log line; It’s easy to think that you’re in store for […]

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Netflix has GLOW’d Up!

This should be interesting.  In what seems to be a direct response to Orange is the New Black, Netflix has launched a new series, entitled “GLOW”.  The show centers around a motley crew of women who come together, to form a 1980’s wrestling league.  In actuality, you can say that this series is based on […]

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She’s Gotta Have It…Again!

Spike Lee is back!..kind of. The film director/auteur has been putting in work consistently since 1985. He has written, directed and most importantly financed Criterion Collection films, such as School Daze, Malcolm X, When The Levees Broke, and in particular to this article, “She’s Gotta Have It’.  The film was groundbreaking in the 80’s for […]

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The Influencers Present: Black Lightning

Black Lightning Comes to the CW

Dc Comics is bringing their first black superhero, the eponymously named,  Black Lightning to the small screen in 2018.  The trailer looks solid and it’s a advancement towards positive representation of minorities in media.  Jefferson Pierce, played by relative newcomer, Cress Williams, is a former olympic athlete, turned superhero, turned high school principal.  He is […]

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Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger

Marvel and Big Brother, Disney are quietly dropping off new series on every streaming platform possible. Runaways will be exclusively on Hulu, while the live action version of Cloak and Dagger will come to Freeform this fall. If you did not know, Cloak is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe (see […]

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